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What Are the Four Kinds Of Cyber Security Threats? - Caddetakip

Several kinds of cyber security threats affect businesses and individuals. Ransomware encrypts data and systems and demands a ransom from victims to gain back access. Although paying the ransom usually gives users full access, it is not guaranteed. Cryptojacking kits use computers’ computing resources to generate cryptocurrency. These attacks can compromise the stability of your system. A logic bomb is a piece of malicious software that can take over your computer and steal sensitive information. This type of malware is a dangerous threat and can be spread to many devices.

Data breach:

A data breach is when sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, is stolen without consent. This information could include names, home addresses, email addresses, user names, and passwords. This type of attack may occur through a point-of-sale system or through a network attack, in which hackers trick employees into granting access to their network. If the hacker gains access to many computers, it can shut down electricity in enemy territory.


The third type of cyber security threat is malware. This type of cyber-attack involves the installation of undesired software. This type of malware often takes the form of a virus or Trojan horse. It may come as a new application, or it may be installed by the user. Some of these attacks can cause the computer to malfunction or compromise its data. Some of these threats can even destroy your computer, making it impossible to recover from.

Malicious insiders:

Malicious insiders can also cause damage to companies. A third of breaches in 2020 will involve phishing. In the same year, 90% of attacks will be caused by a malicious insider. A cybercriminal can use this information to access your company’s information and systems. This type of threat can be very costly for your business. If you don’t protect your data, you risk losing money. If you don’t know what type of malware is infecting your system, you’ll be vulnerable to a cyberattack.

Data Theft:

Another form of cyber security threat is data theft. Data exfiltration occurs when an attacker steals information from an organization and then sells it. The data may be stolen or misused by a third party. These types of data thefts have been blamed on a number of major attacks on government and corporate networks. To prevent these attacks from occurring, you need to make sure that your company has a solid cyber security program. The software will help protect your network from various kinds of malware.

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